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Public Commands

Command Action Reply
GreeterBot Speak Yes, (your name)
GreeterBot hi Speak Hi, (your name)
GreeterBot owner Speak (owner info)
GreeterBot status Information (Status check)
GreeterBot Version Speak (Gives Version)
A mistake was made (message here) Log (to be read by me) Thank you for your help...
Comment: Log (to be read by me) Thank you for your comment...
Bye everyone Speak Goodbye, (your name)
Hi GreeterBot Speak Hi, (your name)
Say hi GreeterBot Speak Hi, (everyone)
Thank you GreeterBot Speak yw
Time? Information The time in Snowville is
Who is Information Citnumber of Cit
Who is here? Information (everyone) is/are here.
Don't you like my house? Speak yes, it's great.
Have you seen (person's name) Information  
Hello GreeterBot Speak Greetings, (your name)
Not you GreeterBot Speak Sorry sir